4 Things You Should Not Do In A Recession

Today I want to discuss things you should not do in a recession. A recession is a period when there is a general decline in economic activity in a business cycle. This is a time you cannot afford to make any mistakes as the potential for heavy losses is big. Actually, the riskiest time in … Read more

How To Build An Emergency Fund Even When Broke

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How To Get Free Cable TV

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7 Tips To Help You Stick To Your Budget

As many of us know its one thing to have a budget and yet another to stick to your budget. And if you fail to adhere to your plan as shown in your budget you will fail to meet your financial goals. It is as easy as that. For example, if your plan was to … Read more

8 Cheapest Food To Buy When Broke

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9 Reasons Why You Should Prepare a Budget

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Best Places To Buy Used Furniture

One of the big headaches I found after leaving college was finding the best places to buy used furniture. Unfortunately, in the area I was living in, the places where I could get used furniture were limited. I remember that I only bought a bare minimum as I could not afford to pay for the … Read more

Cash Envelope System Categories For Beginners

The cash envelope system is a system in which you put aside the cash you intend to spend that month in envelopes based on your budget categories. In this post, I will focus more on the cash envelope system categories system for beginners. But before we go on to discuss the categories, let’s discuss a … Read more