Save Money by Working Out at Home

Most people are not aware that one can save money by working out at home and yet still get the same benefits you can get at a gym. Learn to save money in today’s post.

It’s common knowledge that a regular exercise routine is an integral part of overall health and vitality. Exercise keeps unwanted pounds off, but also helps your overall skin tone, your energy level, and can even stave off illnesses. But while exercise is important for everyone, not everyone can afford expensive gym memberships and personal trainers. For many people, exercise is only a viable option if it comes with nothing but a minor price tag. Many people are figuring out how to make it work on their own with a home gym, but weights and cardio machines can be even more expensive to purchase than paying for years of gym memberships. So, what can you do if your finances are limited? Money is simply not an excuse. There are tons of ways to exercise at home by employing objects that you already have. Here are a few ideas for how to save money while working out at home.

Save Money by Working Out at Home

Crazy Ways to Save Money

Using Household Items for Weightlifting at Home

Weightlifting is important for muscle tone and endurance, but luckily you do not need a cutting-edge resistance machine or massive set of dumbbells to get the effect you are looking for. Any number of regular household items can stand in for traditional weights. If you’re just starting out, plastic bottles filled with water or small cans of vegetables can certainly do the trick. Once these begin to feel too easy, you can graduate to bags of beans, rice or corn meal. Five-pound bags will be sufficient for most people, unless you are looking to really bulk up.

For most exercises, your body is the only resistance you need. A heavy chair, ottoman or couch will help you do crunches and dips. Any chair will suffice for a set of leg lifts or any of the standing yoga poses. You can even use them as balance for squats, one of the best exercises you can do for your core muscles. Any wall in your home will also suffice for squats or a set of standing push-ups.

Things You Need for Stretching When Working Out at Home

When it comes to stretching, you’ll find you don’t need anything more than a wall and a broom. You can use the broom to stretch and twist your upper and lower body, as well as work on your core muscles. Once you’re warmed up, you can start to think about cardio. Although some people enjoy treadmills and stationary bikes, cardio is the one exercise you don’t need anything else for. A twenty-to-thirty-minute run in the park will handle all your daily cardio requirements. If the weather isn’t good enough for you to get outside, you still have plenty of options. Running up and down the staircase in your home is an incredible exercise. If your joints are bothering you, just step up and down on the bottom step over and over again for a nice cardio session. Otherwise, jumping jacks or jump rope in the living room will get you sweaty.

Simple Purchases for Your Working Out at Home

As far as simple purchases go, there are a couple things you can pick up to aid you in your efforts that won’t break the bank. As mentioned above, a jump rope is a fantastic tool for cardio. You might also consider picking up a set of resistance bands to offer you more variety in your routine, as well as a balance ball for core-strengthening exercises. If you truly feel you need to bring a machine in to the house, hop online and you should easily be able to find a treadmill sale and deals that could fit with a bit of a budget stretch.