Five Common Credit Card Questions Answered (FAQ)

I have titled today’s post as, five common credit card questions answered. Credit cards can be complex, and even experienced cardholders have questions. Inaccurate assumptions about credit cards often prevail over the facts. We answer a few of the most commonly asked credit card questions. Should I close my inactive credit card accounts? The simple … Read more

Individual and Household Debt Survey of The US

In 2011, UK guarantor loans provider, Guarantor Loans Company run a survey exclusively for How to Manage Money Tips about individual and household debt in the USA. Although the company’s main outlet is offering guarantor loans throughout the UK, they also run a Money Saving Blog and release regular survey results and insights across a … Read more

Pay Off Debt Or Invest? Which Is Better?

Pay off debt or invest – which one is better? This is a very tricky question to answer as it depends on a number of factors that I will discuss later on. I should point out that I am a big advocate of people avoiding getting into debt in the first place. I actually believe … Read more