Best Food Delivery Apps and Service In 2020

In this post, we are going to discuss the best food delivery apps and services out there. I am in my 40s so I can still remember a time when there were no smartphones and therefore no food delivery apps. In order to order food or any delivery, you had to go to the restaurant in person.

Those days look like the stone age to most young people who have grown up in this age. Nowadays you can order your food using an app and within minutes or an hour sometimes the food would be delivered to you.

When I first tried it I could not believe my eyes when I received my order within 40 minutes. The same amount of time it takes me to wait for my food at my local restaurant.

Besides the fast delivery of food and other items, these apps have also helped to create delivery jobs for thousands if not millions of people around the world.

Best Food Delivery Apps

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Best Food Delivery Apps

Below are the best food delivery service apps that are available for both Android and iOS powered phones:

1. Uber Easts (Available for Android and iOS phones)

Uber East - best food delivery apps

Uber Eats is a food delivery service that is part of the Uber brand. In fact, every time you order the food will be collected and delivered by an Uber driver or cyclist.

The delivery itself costs at least $4.99 depending on the distance. This is on top of the order itself.

Uber has partnered with thousands of restaurants from McDonald’s to local restaurants in most areas.

At the moment Uber Eats is available in countries such as the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, Spain, France, and many more.

One of the things I like about Uber Eats is first that it is a free food delivery app i.e. it is free to download the app. Secondly, I also like the fact that you can track your order in real-time.

In my case all the orders that I have made were delivered within one and a half hours.

2. Doordash (Available for both Android and iOS phones)

Doordash - best food delivery app

Doordash is another food delivery service that has partnered with a number of restaurants to deliver food on their behalf.

It is a free app to download and the delivery cost is a flat fee of 5.99 which is added to the cost of the meal.

You, therefore, have access to more restaurants without worrying about the delivery cost. On other apps, the delivery cost is dependent on the distance.

Download the app now and check if your favorite restaurants are included in it.

While other apps are limited to food only Doordash can deliver alcohol too from restaurants, stores, and breweries.

If you are therefore someone who likes the bottle then this app is the right one for you.

3. GrubHub (Available for iOS and Android phones)

GrubHub is another delivery app that helps you order food from your popular neighborhood restaurants and chains and have it delivered straght to your home.

All you do is to type in your address and the app will show you restaurants that deliver in your area. You can also use it to find pickup restaurants near you.

Another plus for this app is that it can also help you find deals, coupons, etc, and thereby save you money. Besides this, you can also access restaurant reviews.

Grubhub is available in 2700 US cities and is in partnership with over 140,000 restaurants.

In the app, you can search by type of food. You can also sort your results by price, rating, distance, and delivery free.

The delivery fee for this service is set by each individual restaurant.

4. (Available for Android and iOS phones) - best food delivery app is another delivery app that one can use to order food from restaurants in your neighborhood.

Besides food one can also order groceries, alcohol, and gifts from available stores in your area.

You can also use the app to have your dirty clothes picked up for laundry and delivered once they are cleaned.

For the laundry, you can choose from wash and fold, dry cleaning, tailoring, and more. Unlike other delivery apps with, you will earn points with every purchase.

You earn 20 points for every dollar spent. You can redeem these points with gift cards and other rewards.

For example, you can redeem 5,000 points with a $5 gift card.

Another option for redeeming your points is to donate your points to charities such as Rise Against Hunger.

The delivery fee for this service is determined by the restaurants themselves and therefore varies from one restaurant to the other.

5. Postmates (Available for Android and iOS phones)

Postmates - best food delivery app

Postmates is another delivery app that offers to deliver food, drinks, groceries and more.

Their delivery fees vary between $2 to $4 for their partner restaurants and stores and $6 to $10 for other restaurants and stores.

If you become a regular user of Postmates then I would advise you to consider joining Postmates Unlimited for $9.99 per month or pay $99.99 annually.

With Postmates Unlimited you can avoid delivery fees for orders over $12 and reduced fees for other eligible orders.

With Unlimited you will also have access to special offers just for members and also exclusive giveaways and events

6. goPuff (Available for Android and iOS phones)

The goPuff delivery app’s delivery fee is probably the cheapest of all standing at $1.95 per delivery.

This is because goPuff do their own deliveries from their own facilities. And because of this goPuff deliveries usually take minutes and they are open 24/7.

With goPuff you can order thousands of items besides food, from cleaning supplies, medicine, electronics, baby essentials, etc.

Unfortunately, the food is limited to snacks and drinks as it is delivered form their local facilities and not from restaurants.

If you are looking for food from restaurants then you will have to use the other apps in this post.

Instacart (Available for Android and iOS phones)

If you live in big cities such as Los Angeles, Miami, New York City, Chicago, Austin, Washington D.C., etc and you are looking for groceries then Instacart could be the app to consider.

Instacart promises to deliver groceries within an hour. Through this app one can find thousands of products from stores that he or she already shops at.

Besides saving time users can also find exclusive deals and coupons on popular products.

The delivery fee for Instacart is $5.99 per delivery on $149 annually.

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As you can see, with a few clicks on your phone you can order food from your favorite restaurant and have it delivered to your home or office within an hour or two hours. I hope that you have been able to go through this list of the best food delivery apps and have been able to pick the one that matches your needs and resources.

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