List of Best Free Traffic Sources

The goal of most bloggers and content creators is to have as much access as possible to best free traffic sources. That is the holy grail of most of us.

Unfortunately for most new bloggers getting that traffic is not as straightforward as they would hope. In the early days of a blog, it might feel like you are only writing for yourself.

That can be very frustrating causing many new bloggers to just give up.

For the bloggers with deeper pockets, it is a different story as they can easily get paid traffic from Google, Yahoo, etc ads. They might even get traffic from Facebook even though in my opinion, it is not the best converting traffic.

Before I go on to list some free traffic sources I wanted to make one observation.

I have discovered that once you start getting traffic from other areas even Google algorithms will notice it and start ranking you higher too.

Therefore while your focus in the early days should be on creating content, it does help to try to get traffic from other sources besides the search engines.

List of Free Traffic Sources

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List of Best Free Traffic Sources

In the next paragraphs, I will share with you some of the most amazing free traffic sources you can ever find. Knowing them is not enough if you do not take any action.

Lack of action won’t bring the success you are craving. I have seen people who have read all there is on blogging and Search Engine Optimization but for some reason, can’t put into practice what they have learned.

On the other hand, I have seen people who knew little about SEO and blogging but just went ahead posting content on their blog.

Some of these people who took action are now earning six-figure sums and still confess that they don’t know much about SEO.

I urge you to please join the ones that are taking action. It is better to learn by trying rather wait to be perfect first as that will never happen.

I had the same feeling about blogging too. For some reason, I couldn’t force myself to start creating content for my blog. I felt and I still do feel that’s I am not a good writer.

I have however convinced myself that blogging is like chatting. You don’t wait to be perfect to chat with friends.

The same should be the case when you think about blogging. You just need to start sharing your knowledge in your own imperfect way.

Here we go with the list of free traffic sources

1. Facebook

One of my blogs has benefited a great deal from Facebook traffic. Every time I create a post on my Facebook page related to this blog I get some decent traffic.

I am not sure why that is the case as I have struggled on another page which has far more page likes. The page that gets really decent traffic is a cultural page while the one struggling is a religious one.

For the cultural blog, Facebook sends far more traffic than Google sends to it. Facebook is by far the biggest source of traffic for this blog.

In my opinion and experience to benefit from Facebook you need to create a Facebook page. With your own Facebook, you have more control over it than joining a Facebook group.

Don’t get me wrong on this one as I have joined quite a good number of Facebook. However, for some reason I get negligible traffic from posting in those groups.

I have also gone through situations where the moderator has turned down my post for some minor issues. I, therefore, feel that you need to have your own Facebook.

Once you set up a Facebook, you can advertise on Facebook to get more likes on your page. It is these likes that will enable you to continue getting traffic from Facebook

I generally start advertising in countries like India, South Africa, Brazil. I do this because it is cheaper to pick these developing countries than to choose the western world.

For these countries you can spend as little as 1 dollar a day and still get 10 or so likes.

Once you are satisfied with the number of likes then you can stop and concentrate on writing content. If your page is very active it appears as if that is a signal to Facebook to increase your exposure. I could be wrong but that is my interpretation of what I see on pages.

2. Quora and Other Question and Answer Sites

Another place where I have found success is on Question and Answer sites. It may not be as big as the traffic from Facebook but it is one of the best sources of traffic.

Actually, If you give a good answer you could find yourself on the first page of Google. Lately, there have been a number of queries that have Quora answers on the first page of Google.

This can in turn bring more traffic to your blog if in your answer you included a link to your website. You, therefore, need to make sure that you include a link to your blog in your answer.

Actually I have seen my answers on these Question and Answer sites outrank my blog posts.

3. Post Pins on Pinterest

Had I not been banned on Pinterest I think I would have put this as one of my favorite sites for free traffic. Pinterest is getting vigilant and any slight mistake will cost you access.

Unfortunately, it is difficult to understand what Pinterest is really looking for. But sometimes it looks like one needs to be very careful on the frequency of posting

The one account where I got banned was really taking off when I got an email that my account had been suspended. To this day I don’t know what they meant by me spamming their site.

To succeed on Pinterest you need to create pins that appeal to women as they are the most active gender on Pinterest. You, therefore, need to use colors like pink or other bright colors in your pins.

You should also note that pins that do well on Pinterest tend to be on things that appeal to women. These include parenting, cooking, fashion, etc. Other pins can also do well but not at the same level as these.

Another trick is to join as many groups as you can. By repinning pins on these groups, you can get some decent traffic. To be honest Pinterest traffic is far much better than Facebook traffic in terms of quality.

Visitors from Pinterest will stay longer on your blog than those from Facebook. I guess it is because Pinterest is regarded as a search engine for images by those who visit it.

One thing that I did not mention is the fact that when you are setting up your Pinterest boards to include other people pins in your boards. From my observations, that seemed to do the trick for me until my account was suspended.

I would, therefore, urge anyone who is just starting his blog to open a Pinterest account and start getting quality traffic.

In fact, Pinterest will start giving you traffic within 3 months in my experience. Whereas as Google you may have to wait for 8 months or so before you start getting traffic from them.

In fact, there are some blogs that get most of their traffic from Pinterest. When I say traffic, I am talking about traffic in the ranges of 30 thousand to 100 thousand a month in free traffic.

That is decent traffic by any measure and one of these days I will open an account for this blog. The only thing that is putting me off is the fact that I don’t know why my previous account was suspending. Their generic email did not specify anything.

I, therefore, don’t want to open an account and start posting and lose all my efforts again. At the moment, I would rather spend my time posting content on my blog, and when I am satisfied I could give it a try again.

4. Guest Posts

Another tried and tested technique for getting free traffic is through writing guest posts. This is where you request another blogger to post your article on their blog.

In acknowledgment, the other blogger will put a link in the post or at the end of your blog.

If the other blog is a high traffic blog you are almost assured of a decent amount of traffic to your site.

Further, the link you get can go a long way in improving your rankings in the search engines.

You just need to be aware that Google does not like this. They would rather you get links naturally.

To avoid falling foul of Google avoid posting on blogs that are specifically created for guest posts. That could be risky as Google may have already blacklisted such sites.

Before you ask anyone for a guest post you need to establish a relationship with them. You can for example be a regular commenter on their site and by so doing you can establish a relationship with the owner.

It would then be easy to ask the owner to post your article on their site.

Developing a relationship will greatly increase your chances of being accepted. Big bloggers receive all sorts of requests for guest posting and most of these requests are just ignored or declined.

So you need to find a way to stand out from the crowd as it were.

5. Email Marketing

Another free traffic source is through email marketing. However, this only works when you have a big email list. You, therefore, need to start working on increasing your email list before you can benefit from it.

One way to do this is to ask someone with a big email list to send your message to their list. From that email, some may subscribe to your list.

Usually, if you have a small list you may be required to pay a little something for the right to access someone’s list. The payment is based on the percentage of people who will click the link in your email.

If your list is big then you discuss better terms where for example you agree for each of you to use the other’s list. This is a win-win situation for both.

There are so many companies out there such as Mailchimp, AWeber, etc, that can help you manage your email list.

6. YouTube

One of the best sources that most bloggers ignore is YouTube. YouTube is the second biggest search engine on the net. It is therefore madness to ignore it.

I would, therefore, urge anyone contemplating starting a blog to seriously consider opening a YouTube account. One can then use the same material they post to create videos.

If you are camera shy you can use a powerPoint presentation of your blog posts and only your voice will be heard. If you are still not comfortable you can use a society to read the contents.

Alternatively, you can ask your friends or relatives to read whatever you have prepared for you.

To get more traffic you need to use the ability to put links in the video itself. That will definitely increase the clickthrough rate,

If for some reason you cannot put the link in the video, you can put the link in the description box of your video. You can then at the end of each video mention the links in the description to increase the chances of someone clicking the links.

I get lots of traffic to my blogs through this method.

To be perfectly honest, I can say that it is very easy to rank on YouTube than on Google search. Within a few months, you can start seeing your YouTube videos getting traffic.

If for any reason you don’t like using Youtube or you just want another video platform then I would advise you to visit my post on the best youtube alternatives.

7. Search Engine Optimisation (Free Traffic Source)

Last but not least is Search Engine Optimisation or SEO in short. This is the biggest source of free traffic for most established blogs.

To take advantage of this you have to think like Google when you are writing your articles. There are SEO experts that have studied Google’s search results and determined how Google algorithm is ranking sites.

Below are a few posts that review some of the tools that some SEO have released to help you rank higher in Google.

Page Optimizer Pro Review

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The simplest way of knowing what to write is to type the topic in Google and examine the competition first to see if you can outrank them.

If most of the results on the first page of Google are from forums, social media, then if you write a better article than them you stand a chance of outranking them.

Before I go I also want to ask you to visit, best blogging communities post where you can find another way of bringing traffic to your post.

Conclusion on Free Traffic Sources

I hope you have gained a lot from this post. Remember that the most important key to success is to take action. So start today to implement the knowledge gained here.