Why Should We Save Electricity?

I am sure there are some who are wondering why I would bother to write an article titled, why should we save electricity. Electricity supply is something we take for granted and don’t even take time to consider where it is coming from.

In the western world, the electricity supply is almost considered a right. Very few can imagine a scenario where there would be no electricity.

It is very different in some sub-Saharan African countries where in some countries only 20 percent have access to electricity. The majority have never had access and it the least of their day to day worries. They just live their simple lives and are satisfied.

While the consumers have not seen anything to keep them worried about electricity supply, some experts are voicing some worries.

Besides the experts, even some knowledgeable consumers are beginning to ask questions about how electricity is generated. It is the answers to these questions that are making them worry about the impact of our usage of electricity.

Why should we save electricity

Why Should We Save Electricity?

In the following paragraphs, I will share with you some of the reasons why we should save electricity. Some of the answers will open your eyes to the realities of what we are doing to our planet and its impact on us and our children.

1. To Save Money

In any family budget, the cost of electricity and heating is one of the major lines. We spend at least a thousand dollars every year on electricity.

Therefore it makes complete sense to try to control this cost. Otherwise, you will be spending money that would have been used on other useful things.

A thousand dollars invested over time can translate into a lot of money in market value. I was reading somewhere that if one had invested $1000 dollars during the Amazon IPO in the 1990s, his investment would be worth about a million dollars now.

That is why I encourage everyone to try to seriously consider investing a little something in stocks. There are so many apps out there that people use to buy stocks. I have listed a few of those in a post about the best money making apps.

As you can see there is a better use of cash than spending it all on electricity. Therefore it is important for all of us to try to find ways to cut our electricity and heating bills.

2. To Save The Environment

Did you know that most of the electricity produced in the United States is from non-renewable resources?

I have read somewhere where it says that not long ago, 63 percent of the electricity in the United States came from fossil fuels. Fossil fuels are the biggest emitters of carbon dioxide, a greenhouse gas that traps heat in the atmosphere.

What we now call global warming is the result of the accumulation of these greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

And we know that the effects of global warming are extreme weather, rising sea levels, extinction of species, etc. Extreme weather events include the intensity of hurricanes, famines, etc.

As we are discussing this topic there are islands that are on the verge of being submerged by the seas. Even the Maldives are already seeing the effects of the rising of the seas.

The sooner we wean ourselves from fossil fuels the better it will be for the world.

One way we can do this is to move from fossil fuel to solar. Unfortunately, the electricity companies are not in a hurry to move to cleaner fuels.

Why Should We Save Electricity?

Fossil fuels are still cheaper compared to solar energy. Things are slowly changing as solar panels prices are coming down. But they still have a long way to go before they can compete with fossil fuels.

And because fossil fuels are cheaper the utility companies may have to be forced to switch to cleaner fuels. If that were to happen today the cost of electricity will definitely go up as these companies pass on the increased cost of production.

One of the weaknesses of solar is that it depends on the heat from the sun. That means at night there is little to no electricity being produced.

Because of this, scientists will have to find a way to conserve the energy produced in an efficient way. At the moment there are batteries that are used but not enough to cover the whole night.

Another alternative to solar energy is wind turbines. These can work 24/7 but are also not very reliable as they depend on the wind. If the wind is not strong enough then that means less electricity.

Governments are therefore grappling with these issues and hopefully, we could one day have all electricity being produced entirely by renewable sources of energy.

3. Fuels Used To Produce Electricity Will Be Depleted

Sometimes we look at coal and think that it would not be exhausted or depleted. Unfortunately, there is nothing on earth that is infinite i.e. without end.

The coal that we use in electricity production is slowly but surely being depleted. Before we know it fossil fuels will be gone forever.

To help in making sure that this is delayed, we need to be mindful of our use of electricity. The less electricity we consume the less coal will be burned. Consequently, there will be fewer greenhouse gases being emitted into the atmosphere.

This will definitely be a win win situarion for all parties involved.

If we continue burning fossil fuels the way we are doing now, then it is a matter of few decades before they are completely depleted too.

The result of this will be an increase in electricity and heating bills. This is because of the law of supply and demand. The less the supply of an item the higher the price.

When that happens all of us will feel the effects of higher bills. It is therefore in our interest to work towards a day when all electricity will be from renewable sources.

4. Improves the Image of The Individual or Company

Nowadays, a company that is trying to do the right thing will see an improvement in its image in the eyes of the consumer. Consumers want to see the companies they buy from also help in conserving the environment.

Therefore if you have a company that does not care about the environment it is bound to face some tough questions from consumers. It is therefore important for the leadership of any company to show that they too care.

Failure to act can severy damage the reputation of a company.

Saving electricity makes not just environmental sense but also economic sense.

5. Reduction in Prices of Commodities

When we choose to save electricity, the effect does not just fall on us but on manufacturers too. This is because the excess electricity has to be sold to others.

And because the supply of electricity is higher than the demand the price will come down.

At the moment this cannot happen as the demand is higher than the supply.

For manufacturers, the cost of energy is almost always one of the biggest costs in their operations. Therefore any reduction in price is bound to be passed on to the pricing of their products.

How Can We Save Electricity?

There are a few things that we can do to save electricity in our homes and even at our workplaces.

1. Swith off or Unplug All Unused Equipment

I must confess that I am guilty of leaving my mobile phone charger on even if am not using it. This is not a good thing as standby power costs money too.

It is therefore important that you switch off TVs, chargers, etc when you are done using them. Don’t just leave them on standby forever.

2. Cut Down On The Time You Spend in The Shower

It is very easy to spend too long in the shower especially during winter. Such kind of habits increases the consumption of electricity and is costly to you and the environment.

A reduction of just a minute or two can save at least $5 per person per year.

3. Get Rid of Old Inefficient Appliances

Over the past few years companies have been forced by government regulation and consumer needs to improve the efficiency of appliances.

As a result modern appliances consume less electricity than the old appliances.

It is therefore advisable that you get rid of all old inefficient appliances and therefore save electricity.

4. Turn off lights When Not Using A Room

Did you know that you could save at least $10 a year by just making sure that you switch off lights in unused rooms?

There is no point keeping lights on in a room when there is no one inside.

Switch it off and switch it back on when you want to use the room. For the sake of our planet let’s save electricity by avoiding this unnecessary expense.

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5. Use Natural Light As Much As Possible

Modern houses are built in such a way that they have access to natural light as much as possible. If your house is not built like that maybe it is time you considered making such improvements.

Another way of accessing natural light is by opening your curtains to make sure that you get as much light as possible. That way you won’t need to switch on lights during day time.

6. Switch off Heating When Away From Home

If you are away from home make sure that all heating is switched off. It makes no sense to warm a house when the occupants are away.

Heating your house with electricity is very expensive in itself and heating your house when away makes it even more expensive.

7. Install a new boiler

Old boilers consume a lot of electricity as they are very inefficient when compared to modern boilers.

Actually the experts estimate that over a period of time you will find that you still save money even when you include the cost of buying a new boiler.

This is one more reason why you need to replace your boiler.

8. Improve Heat Conservation By Investing In Double Glazing

Over the past few years, most houses have switched to double glazing windows and doors. This has greatly increased the energy efficiency of most homes.

There are however still a few houses that are not yet picked this up. If you are in that group please consider investing in double glazing. It can save you money and electricity.

9. Install A Smart Thermostat

Installing a smart thermostat will help in making sure that your house temperature is constant. This regulation will help in making sure that you are only using electricity when you need it.

As we are all aware a machine is more efficient than a human being when it comes to these issues.

10. Turn Down Your Thermostat

I have just read somewhere that reducing your heating by one degree could save you up to $80 in some areas. This is something that one can do without feeling the change in terms of heat inside your house.

11. Insulate Your House Roof

A significant portion of the heat that we lose is through the roof. Therefore insulating the roof can go a long way in conserving heat in your house and can save you money.

I am of course aware that it is a bit costly to engage someone to insulate your house for you. However, most experts will tell you that over time you will save a lot of money doing that.

12. Deal With Sources of Draught

We all know that even after double glazing your house, insulating your roof, etc one still has to deal with areas like chimneys that can let in cold draughts.

These cold draughts can be a nuisance if not dealt with as it can cause your house to lose its heat fast.

It is therefore important that one makes sure that all areas where draught can seep in are dealt with.


It is my hope that I have convinced you why you should save electricity. If you are please use the tips on how to save electricity to reduce your bills and as a consequence help in fighting global warming. The fight against global warming won’t be won until all of us are involved.

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