I Need Money Now: Ways To Get Cash Immediately

It has taken me a few days to come to this point when I am writing this post, “I Need Money Now: Ways To Get Cash Immediately. It is such a wide subject with all sorts of “landmines” as we are dealing with someone in desperate need here.

I know for sure that almost all of us have been in this situation where we are thrust in a situation where we need to get cash almost immediately. It could be for example during a funeral where we have no choice but to spend.

Well and good if you have savings somewhere and therefore available for use immediately. However, most of us do not have any savings or reasonable savings to cover some major emergencies like medical bills.

Most of us just live hand to mouth and if the bank were to cancel our overdraft facilities and had no credit cards, we would really struggle.

If you took your time to look at your credit card statements you would agree with me that most of the expenses we incur are avoidable.

Maybe it is time we all learned how to be frugal and happy.

But this is all for the future. The task now is how get cash immediately.

I need money now

I Need Money Now: Ways To Get Cash Immediately

Here are a few ways you can use to get cash immediately.

1. Bank Loan/Credit

This is probably not the quickest one sometimes but you can sometimes get a loan fast online without having to visit your bank branch.

I would, therefore, try to apply for a loan online first and take it from there.

Having tried other means I can tell you that getting a loan from the bank is probably the cheapest option out there.

When you get your loan you almost feel like you are “robbing” the bank. Their rates are very low if you compare them to the rates on credit card debt or Payday loans which are the worst.

If you fail to get a loan online I would not hesitate but go to my bank and plead with the officials to lend you some money.

At least this time you will be dealing with a person who has emotions and therefore can empathize with you.

When you are dealing with machines online the element of human feelings gets lost.

A machine has no empathy. It just looks at your request and judges it based on what was fed into it by the programmers.

If you live far away from the bank you can just make a call and hopefully, you should be able to get your way.

At the end of the day, it all depends on how you have managed your account. If you avoided going beyond your overdraft and have not been bounced checks and other payments then you should be able to get a loan easily.

I Need Money Now: Ways To Get Cash Immediately

2. PayDay Loans

If for some reason you have messed up your bank accounts then the only realistic way of getting cash immediately is through a payday loan.

For those who are hearing this word for the first time, a payday loan is a short term credit that you get while waiting for your salary.

At least that was the intention but nowadays people go to them out of desperation. And borrowers do usually use their next pay to repay the whole loan

These PayDay Loans take just minutes to hit your account once it is authorised.

Unfortunately, because most of the people who need their loans are risky, payday loans have super high-interest rates.

The APR for some of these payday loans can be as high as a thousand percent. Thas is really high and you don’t have to keep your loan for a year to end paying twice the amount you borrowed.

It is because of this that I advise Payday borrowers to pay back the loan before month end to avoid these astronomical rates.

3. Under The Table Jobs

Another way you can get some instant cash is by finding some under the table jobs. Under the table jobs are unreported jobs that will pay cash.

In some cases, it could be a case of an employer wanting to escape some government laws.

But at other times it is just the normal jobs that we give each other such as lawn mowing. Not many people think of taxes when they engage someone to do errands for them.

You can find these jobs on platforms such as Facebook and online classified ads. There are so many people out there who for one reason or another need help with some simple tasks.

As I am writing this the world is going through an epidemic that has made many old people and vulnerable to stay at home.

This can be an opportunity for someone to offer to buy groceries for them, walk their dog, etc for some instant cash payment.

4. Make Money With Your Pickup Truck

There are so many ways someone can make money with a pickup truck and in most cases, it will instant cash. So if you have a pickup truck consider making money with it.

Since you want money immediately I would suggest that you advertise your business on platforms such as Facebook or Google.

If your advert is targeted properly you can easily get business after spending maybe $10.

Companies such as Facebook have done a good job of data mining and your advert could easily reach the people you want.

If you don’t want to spend money consider Facebook groups for your area. In my area, there is a Facebook group and I would imagine that your areas have that too.

You can therefore just let everyone know that your pickup is available for hire.

Besides Facebook, there are Whatsup groups that you can join in your areas and these are perfect opportunities for business.

You can even go further by creating posters that you can pin to a tree on all the places you expect people to pass by.

One can also put these posters on the side of your pickup truck.

The only drawback is that this will be okay if you can afford to wait a few days to get business. But if you are lucky you can get business the same days.

Another way you can make money with your pickup is to find out companies in your area that buy scrap metal.

Scrap metal is almost everywhere nowadays and you can take advantage of this to collect it and make some instant cash.

Depending on the type of metals that are on-demand, you can easily find scrap metal in your own house.

Another excellent place to find scrap metal is on the seashore or near rivers. There is a lot of metal that is washed ashore during the rainy season.

Our rivers and lakes are polluted with all sorts of things from plastics to metal. You can, therefore, join the bandwagon of those that are trying to clean the environment.

And the cool thing is that you will be doing this while making more money for yourself and the family.

5. Deliver Food on Behalf of Restaurants in Your Area

You will be surprised at the number of restaurants and takeaways in your area that are interested in hiring someone to deliver orders on their behalf.

So if you are really looking for instant cash to visit restaurant owners in your area and offer your services.

Don’t assume that they have that part of their business covered. Because even if they have someone who does that for them they could be stretched during certain times of the day.

The small takeaways are prepared to engage people on the spot, unlike the major brands. For the major brands, it is almost impossible to get a job immediately and get paid immediately.

You will have to go through a vetting and what have you before they even consider you for an interview. Therefore for this to work you should focus on the family-owned restaurants and takeaways in your area.

All you need for this is a bicycle or a vehicle to be able to do it efficiently. If you don’t have any of these then it might be a massive problem to get recruited.

6. Food Deliveries with Doordash and PostMates

Another cool way to get paid instant cash once you join is through Doordash and Postmates. Once you join you can start receiving orders through their apps almost immediately.

All you need is a bike or car. The good thing about these two is that you control when you want to work and where you want to work.

Doordash Requirements

Below are the requirements you need to meet to join DoorDash

  • Must be 18 or older.
  • A car, scooter, or bicycle (in select cities)
  • Driver’s license number
  • Social security number if you are in the United States
  • Final Step: consent to a background check

Postmates Requirements

For Postmates all you need is to tell them about yourself and how you plan to deliver. You are then requested to upload a photo and any proof of identity.

Once they verify your identity they will send you a delivery bag and as Postmates prepaid card.

>Join Doordash<

7. Dog Walking Opportunities Through Apps such as Rover

If you love pets then dog walking or keeping other people’s pets can be one opportunity you should try. There’s is nothing as exciting as making money while doing something that you enjoy.

Nowadays there are apps such as Rover that are now connecting pet owners with sitters or people who can care for them on their behalf. You, therefore, have no excuse for not picking up this opportunity.

Through this app, pet owners can leave their pets with you for example when they are going away or just want to have some time alone.

Through this app you can:

  • Set your own schedule and prices
  • Offer any combination of pet care services
  • Set size, age, and other pet preferences that work for you.

To register with Rover app:

  • Firstly you create a profile showing your experience caring for dogs.
  • Secondly, choose the types of dogs you want to care for and the dates that work best for you.

As for payments you get paid two days after you have completed a service.

>Become a sitter<

8. Sell Second Hand Stuff at the Flea Market

Another quick way to make some quick cash is by selling some second-hand items at a flea market. You don’t have to buy these second-hand items from a third party as you can sell some of your own second-hand stuff.

I can think of things like second-hand phones. Most of us buy new mobile phones every two years and as a result, we have three or four old phones just lying around the house.

It is therefore very easy to find stuff that you can easily flip at the flea market.

Actually a few days ago I was thinking of some old laptops in our house which can easily be fixed and sold. We can even sell them as they are and make a few dollars.

Another place where you can find items to flip is in the kitchen. I am here thinking of plates, cups, etc that you no longer use. These are hot selling items at most flea markets.

You can even ask your friends for second-half items they no longer use. I bet you could end up with so many items that you won’t know what to do with them.

If you are still stuck you can buy some items from thrift stores or charity shops and resell them at a flea market for a profit.

There are just too many ways you can get second-hand items. One just needs to think creatively.

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The above are the ways that I believe are some of the easiest ways that are available for anyone who needs money now. You only need to pick one that meets your comfort level.

From now onwards you will have no excuse for not making instant cash.