14 Under The Table Jobs or Jobs That Pay With Cash

These terms “under the table jobs” or “Jobs that pay by cash” have a bad reputation as they are seen as ways to avoid paying taxes. They are seen at least in the eyes of the taxman as illicit jobs.

However, in most cases, these are just simple jobs among ordinary people that take place once in a while.

It is not as if you are engaging someone as your employee. In these cases, people just pay each other in cash without even thinking about evading taxes.

The reality is that if you wanted someone to help you out with mowing your lawn you are not going to pay them with a check.

Jobs that pay underneath the table are therefore far more widespread than the government would want.

14 Under The Table Jobs or Jobs That Pay With Cash

When you pay someone by cash there is nothing that should prevent that person from including that amount in his tax returns.

It is the duty of any responsible citizen, to be honest in their tax returns submission.

Therefore paying someone in cash is not in itself illegal.

It can, however, be a different matter if you actually employ someone as your employee for your business.

In that case, the law requires that you deduct tax from their tax. If you decide to your employee through cash to avoid deducting tax then you are breaking the law.

Not that paying by cash is illegal in itself because you could deduct the payroll tax and still legally pay them by cash.

How To Find Under the Table Jobs Near Me

There are a few places that are full of these jobs that pay cash near you. The easiest ones are online as shown below:

Facebook Jobs

Facebook jobs is one place where you can find all sorts of short term jobs. Because these social media giants have all our information the jobs will be listed based on your area.

On the right of the Facebook jobs is a menu listing job type and category. Therefore depending on what you are looking for you can tick the right job type and category that matches your needs.

Underneath the table jobs on Facebook

Further, nowadays most areas have their own facebook group where they discuss matters in their area and also seek people to help them out.

For example, if someone wants help in painting their house they may post the matter in the group.

This, therefore, presents an opportunity to find quick cash jobs.

If you have not aware of any facebook group for your areas you can use the search function to see if there is one for your area.

You can even help in setting one and invite people you know in your area to join. It is a simple process

Jobs that pay with cash

Craigslist : Jobs that pay under the table

Another way to find under the table jobs near me is to go to Craigslist Gigs section. Here you will find many short term basis jobs or tasks.

The Gigs section comprises of computer, creative, crew, domestic, event, labor, talent, and writing.

So whether you are looking for painting, care, electrical, etc you should be able to find these jobs near you.

List of under the table jobs or cash-paying jobs near you

Below is a list of under the table jobs you can find near where you live.

1. Dog walker/animal carer

paying under the table jobs

If you enjoy being around dogs and animals then there are all sorts of jobs available on the internet.

There are many old people that are looking for assistance in dog walking in exchange for some cash.

And it is not just old people looking for help.

It could be someone who wants you to keep their pet while they are away on vacation.

I you are looking for this kind of job you can visit care.com and rover.com.

2. Writing jobs

If you are good at writing then there are sites like Craigslist where you can find people that can hire you.

There are so many businesses and individuals such as bloggers that may be looking for someone to help them with writing tasks.

And if you are lucky you can find people in your area who can pay you by cash.

Unfortunately, if you find work for a business then you are likely to be paid directly into your bank account or by check.

On the other hand, if you don’t mind being paid by direct deposit then you can try sites like Upwork or Fiverr.

The advantage of these sites is that you will be able to advertise your services to literally people from the whole world.

In that way, there is the potential that you could make this a full-time job.

3. Photography

You would think that since almost everyone has a smartphone nowadays, then the photography profession should be dead. Fortunately, that is not the case.

There are still opportunities for professional photographers.

For example, the organizers of weddings will always look for professional photographers.

After all, this is a special day and everyone is looking for professionally done photos and videos.

I can hear you asking, does this profession still pay well?

Yes, it still does. I know of people who are able to finance their university studies through this business.

One thing that you should be mindful of when looking for this job is that most people want to see your previous work to see if you are up to it.

You, therefore, have to make sure that you have copies of previous work readily available for potential customers.

Another area that you should focus on is adverting your services.

Besides, the online ones such as Facebook jobs and Craigslist Gigs there are other ways you can advertise your services.

One way to do it is to ask some of the grocers or gas stations in your area to allow you to put your adverts on their windows.

That way you will be dealing with individuals in your own area making it easy to travel and to get paid in cash.

People in your own area are also more likely to trust you than someone from outside your own area.

4. Lawn mowing

Due to the busyness of modern life, most people struggle to find time to mow their lawns.

This, therefore, presents an opportunity for people who know how to mow lawns.

To be honest any able-bodied person should be able to do this without any problems.

In my area, there is a guy who charges about $20 to mow lawns in our area. He is always in demand.

I can imagine that he makes a decent income doing this. And he does not have to wait until month end to get paid as he is paid on the spot in cash.

5. Tutoring kids in your area

If you are good at teaching kids, mathematics, science, etc then you can easily make extra income while at the same time making new friends.

There are many parents who are too busy to find time to help their kids with school work and are looking for someone to help them out.

Depending on areas you can easily make at least $20 per hour teaching kids.

You can find these jobs on Craigslist. You, however, need to be mindful of Craigslist scams.

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Scammers nowadays are targeting Craigslist and you need to keep your eyes open.

Having said that there are some good opportunities too on Craigslist.

Craigslist and Facebook are good for finding cash-paying jobs. But if you don’t mind being paid online then there are sites like VPKID where you can find online tutoring jobs.

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6. Babysitting

If you are good with children then babysitting is another opportunity to make extra cash.

There are parents especially those that are working that want people to be with their children for a few hours.

One easily make at least $15 dollars an hour in some areas. In other areas, it could be lower. You can find these jobs on sites such as care.com.

Be mindful of the fact that in some areas it is a legal requirement for carers and anyone dealing with kids to get police clearance first.

7. Tour Guide

If you are very familiar with the area you live in then you can look for jobs like being a tour guide.

And if you live in a tourist city then these jobs will be the easiest jobs to find.

There are individuals who post on sites such as Craigslist looking for tour guides.

This is a job that will not only pay you but will help you to appreciate some places of interest in your own area.

It is easy to take for granted some places of interest in your own area.

Besides this, you will also get to make new friends too.

8. Driving

If you have a car you can easily make some extra cash. There are always people who are looking for a rideshare in other people’s cars.

You can find these adverts on Facebook or Craigslist.

This is especially cool if you and the advertiser are going to the same place.

Depending on your arrangements you could easily save on the money to be used for gas or you can get cash.

So if you are going somewhere first visit these sites to see if someone is looking for a ride too.

9. Cleaning

If you visited care.com you will see that cleaning jobs are in abundance.

Therefore if you are fine with doing some cleaning in exchange for some cash then it should not be a problem to find a job.

If however, you are looking for cash paying ones then the best places are Craigslist and Facebook.

There you will find people looking for people to help them with cleaning their homes.

10. Interpreter

For those that can speak other languages other than English such as Chinese, Spanish, Portuguese then you can easily make extra cash as an interpreter.

There are people from countries like China that are visiting western countries and looking for interpreters.

This is on top of the already existing market for Spanish, French and Portuguese interpreters.

You can easily find these opportunities on sites like Craigslist.

If however, you want more established jobs then there are companies that are looking to recruit interpreters and translators.

This is especially true of multinational companies that need to have things like user manuals translated into foreign languages.

However to get these official jobs you may need to have some sort of certification in that particular language.

Otherwise, it may be difficult to get these jobs.

11. Help those moving houses

Every day there are people moving houses who will kill to have someone help them in moving stuff.

This is hard work and therefore only suitable for fit people but it offers easy cash.

All you need is to help such people to move stuff to a van and other moving house related issues.

You can easily make $10 for an hour’s work. And if you do it for more hours you can easily make $50 in one day.

12. Landscaping

During summer months there is an abundance of landscaping work available for anyone good at this.

If you, therefore, have the necessary equipment you can make serious money during these months. You can trim hedges, maintain flowers, etc.

Just behind my house is a guy who does landscaping for households in our area.

He is always busy during the summer months as he is the only guy around who does this work.

I guess the reason for his demand could be attributed to the fact that I live in an area where there are a lot of pensioners.

And because of their advanced ages, most of my neighbors are not strong enough to properly take care of their surroundings and therefore need help.

And I know that in the western world we face this issue of an ageing population.

This should create more need for jobs such as landscaping, cleaning, and care jobs.

Landscaping : Lawn mowing under the table jobs or jobs that pay with cash.

13. Teach kids how to play a musical instrument

Recently I have just discovered that there are many parents who would be willing to pay someone to teach their kids how to play pianos, violin, etc.

Unfortunately, there are very few people who know how to play musical instruments.

While this is not good for the parents it creates even more opportunities for someone who is a musician.

These parents only need to be alerted of your musical skills.

You can do this by placing an advert on Craigslist or much better in your area’s Facebook group.

Because of the high demand, you can easily fix prices that suit you and your clients.

14. Music

If you have a band or know how to play an instrument you could easily make some extra money.

There are bars and restaurants in many areas that would pay to have you play to their customers.

All you need is to visit the bars and other places of entertainment to market your skills and music.

And if you click you could become a permanent fixture at those places.

My advice to you is to carry a sample of your music with you when you visit these places.


As you can see there are many opportunities for under the table jobs or jobs that pay with cash in almost anywhere you live. Sites like Craigslist