How to Buy Amazon Customer Returns

If you are looking for ways to buy Amazon customer returns then this post is for you. I will try to go through the ways you can them and the risks involved.

Buying and selling of amazon customer returns is now big business for some companies that are making millions of dollars. This is because there is no shortage of returns when it comes to Amazon.

Due to its customer-centric returns policy a significant percentage of its sales get returned by its customers.

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If you were to compare it to other online shops, then I would not be surprised if at least 10% of its sales are returned.

Online shops fare worse than brick and mortar shops when it comes to returns. Brick and mortar usually average about 8% in terms of returns.

When Amazon receives these returns they are loosely categorized and dumped in boxes that are later sold on pallets to online liquidations like

These online liquidators will recategorize them further with an aim to make even more profit. So while the categorization by Amazon is not that thorough, these liquidators do a better job than Amazon.

After all, they are in the resell business of returned goods not just for Amazon but Walmart and others.

So they are experts when it comes to reselling stuff. Whereas Amazon is not super focused on returns and is therefore not experts in that field.

As a result of this, there is always a risk that when you buy from them you could end up with a box full of useless stuff. It is therefore a gamble to buy from these guys with an aim of resell.

A group of reporters tried this business and realized that it is extremely difficult to even break even in most cases.

I would, therefore, advise you to try this way of making extra money on a small scale a few times. This will help you to understand if this is for you.

How To Buy Amazon Customer Returns

1. is probably the biggest player in online liquidation. It sells returns and stock clearance items for other retailers such as Walmart.

All the buying is done online and therefore increasing the risk that you might get things that you did not expect. You are ill be relying on pictures.

This is very different from dealing with brick and mortar shops where you can check an item or box before you buy. as I have already pointed out will repackage the returns they buy from Amazon.

It is quite obvious that the aim is to maximize their profits. At Amazon, the goal is to get rid of returns as soon as possible and are therefore not as thorough as has over 3 million buyers in almost 200 countries and territories.

To buy things from you go through a bidding process. The bidding is on pallets, truckloads, and small packages.



Another online liquidator for Amazon returns is They are a wholesale marketplace for customer returns, end of life products, surplus merchandise, and overstock.

These are not just from Amazon but also from other major retailers such as Walmart.

Once they get supplies from Amazon and others they sort them and sometimes refurbish some before reselling.

A cool thing about Direct Liquidation is that they provided 90-day warranties on refurbished products.

They use two options in reselling the items i.e. via auction or fixed price.


Below is a picture of the the Direct Liquidation site.

How to Buy Amazon Customer Returns


Last but not least is BULQ. It is another online liquidator that works with top retailers and other suppliers such as Amazon in the United States. They sell excess, open box, customer returns, and salvage inventory.

You can buy the items through their website or through their phone apps that are available to Apple and Android phone users.

Using the apps one can browse and purchase wholesale lots directly from your phone. The customer returns are uninspected and the condition is unknown.

Therefore expect to find items that are not working or are missing some things. However, if you are lucky you could end up with many working and undamaged products in your box.

The shipping costs depend on what you are buying. If you are buying per case, BULQ charges a flat shipping fee of $30 per case.

For all other packages, the cost will depend on distance from BULQ to the delivery address, and weight.

Another cool thing is that BULQ like most modern suppliers offers the chance to track your orders.

As is the case with most online shopping, the only way to view the items you are buying is through pictures taken by these companies. And as we all know seeing something .

Registration is free buy you will be required to register once you win a bid.

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