6 Best Blogging Communities For Blog Traffic

When you are just starting on this blogging journey, it can feel like you are just communicating with yourself. You post articles and the search engines appear to be ignoring your blog. They send zero traffic to your blog.

And to be honest it is like that to everybody even those who eventually make it in the end. This is where blogging communities come in handy as they can bring some much-needed traffic.

Writing blog articles is hard work and you need some traffic no matter what size to at least encourage you as you wait for Google.

Blogging communities provide a platform where bloggers can send their posts or post links for other online marketers to access. And this could force the search engines to recognize you as a serious blogger.

In order to get decent traffic from these communities, you need to add value to their community.

Blogging communities are also a perfect place to meet other bloggers. In this way, you can learn from each other as you continue on your blogging journey.

It does not matter what blogging platform you are using, whether it is Blogger or WordPress, whether it is a free blogging platform or not, all are welcome. If you, therefore, want to engage other bloggers then join one of these communities.

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Below are some of the best blogging communities out there.

Best blogging communities

1. Medium

Medium is probably the biggest meeting place for content creators out there. It attracts both professional and amateur creators. Some of the big publishers out there have or continue to use Medium to share their posts.

Medium is the brainchild of Evan Williams who launched it in August 2012. It seeks to create a platform where content creators can publish writings and documents longer than Twitter’s 280 characters.

In its early days, it attracted some of the biggest publications on its platform. It uses native advertising and sponsorship of some article series.

Because of the engagement of professional content creators, you can easily link up with some big shots out there and therefore get more exposure.

Medium used to be free but is now charging its members $5 per month. Though I would have preferred if it was still free and therefore available to more people I still feel that the benefits outweigh the negatives.

Reasons You Should Publish On Medium

Some of the benefits of Using Medium are:

  • The ability to import your already published content from wherever it is sitting to Medium is a plus for me. You, therefore, don’t have to produce new content. Other sites frown upon anyone publishing already published content.
  • If your article is popular it goes up the rankings and therefore making it available to more people. In this way, you will be able to attract more traffic to your site.
  • Less is more Medium. The fact that the emphasis is on quality and not content, makes it easy for a new blogger to create new content on Medium.
  • Another cool thing about Medium is is easy to use interface.
  • I also like the fact that Medium can tell you how many people have been able to read your article to the end. It is therefore good testing ground for your abilities to write engaging articles.
  • You can easily get quality backlinks through the addition of site lin in your profile. In this way, you can easily increase your site’s standing in Google’s eyes.
Best Blogging Communities For Blog Traffic - Medium

2. Linkedin Groups

Another way to link up with other bloggers is through various Linkedin Groups. I know that some of you look at Linkedin and don’t associate it with internet entrepreneurs.

But the truth is that there are various groups for all sorts of niches on Linkedin that you can join. You can find these groups by using the search box when you are on Linkedin.

Once you find the group that you like you request for membership and if accepted you will be ready to go.

A word of advice is in order here. Once you join a group please make sure that you read the terms and conditions of your group.

You don’t want to conduct yourself in a manner that is against their terms and conditions. That would be a sure way to be kicked out.

Depending on the purpose of the group one can share content or discuss issues related to your niche.

Joining a Linkedin Group can help you engage with others in your niche and over time you could end up promoting your work and expertise.

Learn More About Linkedin Groups here<

3. Facebook Groups

Most of us go on Facebook to chat with friends but it can also be a platform to promote your blog. You can do this by joining groups that are in line with what you want.

There are groups for bloggers where they discuss search engine optimization techniques. One can also join niche related groups.

For example, if you are a religion blogger you can join your religion group and be able to share your posts.

As Facebook has changed its algorithm, the traffic potential has declined in the last few years but it is still worth it.

As a new blogger getting 50 or 100 visitors per post can still push your blog ahead. Every little helps, as the famous company slogan says.

In my case, I have joined at least 20 groups for one of my blog niches. And if I need some traffic I just go to Facebook and post the same message in various groups.

Depending on the popularity of the post I sometimes get 50 visitors to my site. A small number but that can lead to a sale for less than 10 minutes of work when I post on the groups.

From my experience, it looks as if even Google likes pages that have a big social media presence.

I have seen posts rise in Google after I have shared them on Facebook. It is difficult to connect the two but I have seen it quite a number of times to believe it.

In any case, no one knows for sure how Google’s algorithm works so trying out various ways is a wise move for any blogger.

Besides I can easily build long term relationships with some of the 50 visitors who come to my site.

4. BlogEngage

Another site where you can meet fellow bloggers is BlogEngage. It is more like a social community for bloggers where they can share their content.

It is a perfect place for a new blogger to get noticed. Unfortunately, it is not free. You will have to pay to become a member.

Their subscription starts from Standard Account where you can be able to manually submit your article, community blog, free E-book, and Just Retweet bonus.

If you however want blog syndication and other benefits you can go up with your subscription from Platnum to Direct to Front page subscriptions.

So depending on your subscription you can have access to social media marketing, Youtube video syndication, featured spotlight, etc.

If you are therfore willing to pay at least $10 per month then try this platform.

Benefits of Using BlogEngage

Here are some of the benefits of using Blogengage.

  • It is one way of getting quality backlinks for your site and as a consequence rank higher in Google.
  • Another way to get recognized by Google is by getting social signals. And BlogEngage helps you in this respect by distributing your posts on social media sites.
  • If your post gets more upvotes it can be featured on the homepage of BlogEngage where you will have more exposure and more traffic.

>You can Join BlogEngage here<

5. BizSugar

BizSugar is another quality site for new bloggers and even experienced bloggers.

Here you have the option of joining the training site or the social sharing site of BizSugar.

You will, therefore, kill two birds with one stone. Through training, you will learn to be a better blogger and through sharing, you will get more traffic to your site.

Though it targets marketers BizSugar also allows others.

The benefits of BizSugar

  • An easy way to get backlinks from a well established site.
  • As already pointed out you can also get free training.
  • You can also get traffic for your site. This is especially true where your posts are upvoted as this can make it go up the ladder thereby increasing its visibility.
  • You can easily make new friends with people of like mind and in the process benefit from such connections.

6. Kingged

Kingged is another site that targets internet marketers and business people but also accepts bloggers and others to join.

On Kingged you can promote your blog posts, get help on internet marketing or blogging in forums.

On Kingged you will have about 50 categories to choose from thereby increasing your chances of finding one that matches your blog content.

When you become a member you are called a kingger.

Benefits of Kingged

Below are the benefits you will get if you join Kingged.

  • You can share your posts on this site, thereby increasing your traffic potential
  • Joining can help you become a better blog through attending the training sessions or by connecting with experienced bloggers and internet marketers.
  • The option to join the paid subscription can lead to your blog posts being shared on respected sites.