Surfer SEO Review: Best On-page SEO tool?

Not long ago I came across this amazing tool, Surfer SEO after reading amazing results people were getting from using it. In this post which I have titled Surfer SEO review, I will try to explain the benefits you can expect from using this tool

Surfer SEO is definitely a wonderful tool for those frustrated with their page or post not getting a higher ranking in the search engines.

It is for those that are tired of watching their competitors on page one of Google while they are stuck outside the first page.

This will work for those who believe that their content quality is super and yet are not certain of the phrases and keywords that will do it for them.

Surfer SEO could be the SERP tool that could help you rank after making a few improvements when you are optimizing your content.

As we all know, SEO tools are an integral part of helping your website rank higher on Google.

I know that you could do this manually too but that will take hours while the tool will do all that work in a few hours.

Surfer SEO Review: Best On-page SEO tool?

The Google algorithm is just maths, to be honest, and with proper tests, you easily read what it is doing by observing the best-ranking content.

Through tools such as Surfer SEO, you will be able to understand the features that are separating the top-ranked pages from everyone else.

It will look at issues such as placement of keywords, while titles and subtitles Google algorithm is rewarding, etc. It will then provide you with a hit list of things you need to do to match what Google is favoring for that particular keyword.

Tools like Yoast SEO do a good job but they offer general ideas and not keyword specific instructions.

Surfer SEO is one such tool that will immensely assist you in doing this. As Google changes so will this tool be able to keep up as it will analyze the high ranking pages?

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Surfer SEO: An Overview

Basically, Surfer SEO is a data-driven on-page optimization tool.

It helps you in analyzing and comparing your site pages with that of your first page competitors.

What is more interesting is that it also tells you about what you should be doing in order to beat your competitors and rank higher.

Also, this tool eliminates the need for performing the so-called ‘manual optimization’ of web pages.

You can realize its potential by the fact that you can observe the gain in rankings for search terms after implementing the changes suggested in due time.

Surfer SEO will definitely assist you with the on-page optimization improvement through its data-driven analytical features.

This is the latest among on-page optimization tools that analyze the competition that has come out in the last few years.

The data-driven analysis will provide you with an edge up and make you stand out.

This is because it offers you an in-depth comparison, depending upon a phrase or keyword and those pages ranking the highest for that particular keyword.

It is noteworthy that each of the phrases or keywords that you wish to optimize might need diverse optimization techniques.

Pages are therefore optimized according to the query raised by the user, unlike those days when you are optimizing each page in the same way.

Surfer SEO

The Surfer Keyword Analyzer

As the name suggests this part of the Surfer SEO tool examines and analyses the keywords in your post.

It does this by comparing your post with high ranking pages on Google to determine what Google is looking for in the use of keywords.

After the analysis, the tool will provide you with the information that will help you optimize your page.

This information will include among others a list of keywords, phrases, etc that you should include on your page.

How To Use Surfer SEO Keyword Analyzer

As is the case with all parts of this on-page optimization tool, using the Keyword Analyzer is super easy.

Below are the steps you need to take to use this part:

  • First, you need to enter your URL or keyword in the given box.
  • Second, you need to pick search location
  • Then press enter

After the analysis is done, you shall be taken to the analysis screen. This is where you will get a list of keywords etc.

Keyword Analyzer analysis sections

Once the keyword analyzer has run you will be taken to the analysis section as already pointed.

There a few sections of the Surfer SEO keyword analysis section that you may need to be aware of as you consider using it.

They serve different purposes that can help you as you work on optimizing your content.

One of the things that I like about Surfer SEO are the visual aids and this section has them too.

Through these features, the tool helps in analyzing the critical issues and other not so critical issues.

For this Surfer SEO review, we have chosen the following areas:

The first section will provide you a list of the top-ranking pages for your chosen keyword.

There also other parts that provide a comparison between your page and the competition.

It compares the phrases, questions, and keywords on your page versus those on other top-ranking pages.

You are therefore provided with keywords that the top-ranking pages have but are mission on your page.

It is then up to you to include these keywords, phrases in your post so that you can compete with them.

Graph area

Then you have the graph area. This will give you a visual representation of your page versus the competition.

Through the graph or chart, you will see areas that you are lagging behind and which areas you should focus on.

This is based on the tools calculation on what is causing the other pages to rank higher than you.


Another section focuses on backlinks. Here you are able to see the estimated backlinks on your competitor’s pages.

You can use this information as you plan your backlink strategy.

Your goal is to try to get the same exact or similar backlinks as your competitors if you can.

This is in the expectation that if Google is rewarding these sites because of their backlinks then it will reward you too if you get the same backlinks.

While this may not work always there is enough information out there that it looks like it does.


Quality: This part focuses on areas such as site speed in comparison with the top-ranking pages for your keyword.

Google has of late been making a lot of noise about site speed as a ranking factor.

However even if Google didn’t consider it as a ranking factor, a slow loading site puts off visitors.

This may lead to you losing valued customers whether you are selling something or even if you are using Google AdSense.


The other section is Structure. This section focuses on such issues as tags, headings, page length, etc.

For example if the top-ranking pages have included the keyword in the heading a certain number of times you to need to do the same.


Then there is the Media section which makes suggestions on the number o images you should have on your page. All this is done by comparing your site with your competition.


Last but not least is the Search Visibility section. This will provide the estimated traffic for each of the top pages.

You just have to remember that these are just estimates as no one really knows search volumes except Google.

Surfer SEO Review: Other Useful parts

SERP Analyzer

The SERP Analyzer will help you to learn how the top ranking pages are optimized for a particular keyword.

You do this by entering the keyword you want and the SERP analyzer will point out, for example, the average number of words the top posts have.

While no one knows exactly what Google is looking for, it would be wise to seriously consider the common features of the top-ranking pages.

As I have said before every keyword is different. Most tools in the past tended to generalize things.

For example if I search for a term in Google and all the first results are videos that ought to alert me that maybe Google is looking for videos and not posts here.

And if all the top-ranked articles are using 1000 words I should not expect to rank with just 300 words.

These are issues that many SEO experts have tested and we all need to listen before we go our own way.

Therefore while the tool may not always be correct in its interpretation of what it sees in the top ten results, it important to seriously consider its results.

SEO Audit tool

If you want to know the SEO health of your site then the SEO audit tool is the right tool for you.

Like other SEO audit tools, it will analyze your site and point out any issues that are holding back your site.

It will tell you issues like backlinks, density of keywords versus your competition.

In the case of keywords, it will make suggestions on whether you should reduce or increase keywords it picks besides your target keyword.

It does all this in a few minutes.

It will now be up to you to make the necessary changes

These changes will help you improve your site’s performance in the search engines and as a consequence your traffic too.

The Content Editor

The content editor is there to assist you in writing best-optimized posts.

It does this by analyzing the best ranking results and making suggestions on how you should write yours.

It is perhaps the most important bit for anyone thinking of writing a post.

As a blogger, I need to know before I post that my articles have been properly optimized.

My goal is to post as many articles as I can and going back to old articles pulls me back.

So knowing how to optimize my article before I post serves me very well.

As such I don’t have to go back to old articles allowing more time to focus on new content.

To help you come up with the best-optimized post the Content Editor tool provides you with the following suggestions:

  • The number of images to be used in the post.
  • Use of bolded words
  • The number of words to use in your post
  • Number of paragraphs
  • Important keywords and phrases you should make sure you are included.
  • Number of headings, etc

Surfer SEO cost

In terms of pricing Surfer SEO offers six plans namely, Hobby, Basic, Pro, Business, Business+ and Enterprise.

The Hobby one costs $29 a month for 5 queries. This plan is excellent for newbie bloggers who are short of cash.

On the other hand, if you have money I would urge you to consider the Basic option as it has more features than Hobby one and allows you to process 25 queries a month

I also understand that as a newbie blogger you are probably spending more money than you are making or earning from your blog.

You are therefore not interested in spending too much.

Another thing that you need to take into account is that there is a seven-day free trial for $1.

Pros and cons of using Surfer SEO


  • It is simple and easy to use tool for people like me who are not SEO experts.
  • I also like the visual bits like graphs that put things in perspective.
  • A detailed and in-depth workflow: For someone like me who is a data person I enjoy detailed reports packed with useful suggestions.
  • SEO audit feature which can analyze your whole site is another plus.
  • We also like the fact that the data used for providing suggestions is only that of the topmost competitors. You are therefore comparing yourself against the benefit.
  • The number of factors used in comparing sites is also huge. (almost over five hundred).


  • The number of queries that one can make in a day is relatively low for the basic plan. If you want more queries then you have to pay more by opting for the other plans.


In case you happen to be looking for an excellent tool for performing on-page optimization for your website then Surfer SEO is the one for you.

If you are looking for a slick and an easy to use tool then the Surfer SEO tool is perhaps the most appropriate choice that you make.

So, what are you waiting for? $1 for seven days FREE Trial really worth giving Surfer SEO tool consideration.

Go ahead and try Surfer SEO for seven days and see if it is for you. I know it is the one for me at least.

If for some reason you want to try another tool before you make your mind up then visit the post below.

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