Page Optimizer Pro Review

PageOptimizer Pro is an on-page SEO tool that has been producing amazing results for many SEO and content creators. In this Page Optimizer Pro review, I want to share with you how you too can take advantage of this tool.

Page Optimizer Pro review : How Antony Moran moved a post from #11 to #4 in 1 week.

What PageOptimiser does is to help you discover the on-page secrets of your competitors and provide you with the steps you need to follow to outrank them.

As one of the creators of this amazing tool has said, the secret of ranking is hiding in plain sight.

Google is telling you through the pages on the first page what you need to do to rank well.

The first page posts will tell you, for instance, the average length of posts Google is looking for.

Therefore if the top pages are having on average 2500 words then if you write a 500-page article you may not be able to outrank them.

What you need to do in this case is to write an article with 2500 words or higher. I prefer to write an article a bit longer than the competition.

For example, if the average posts on the first page of Google have 2500 words I would write an article of at least 2750 words.

Further, if the top posts on the first page have used the keyword 10 times then that is a signal to me that I need 10 instances of the keyword in my article.

There are WordPress plugins such as Yoast that help in doing SEO but they offer general optimization tips that are not keyword specific.

Page Optimizer Pro Review

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However, by observing the first page results, you know exactly where Google stands with respect to a particular keyword.

Besides these factors, there are other factors such as your competitors’ use of H1 and H2 titles.

You have a choice here, either you can do this analysis yourself or you can subscribe with Page Optimizer Pro.

If you go the POP route all the analysis will be done for you and all you will do is follow the instructions and see your page move up the rankings.

It may not happen immediately or two days later but I know from my own experience that it does move.

On-page optimization results kick in far quicker than off-page SEO techniques like getting backlinks.

Backlinks take time, in some cases months before you see the fruit of your labors but on-page optimization can take just hours or days or a few weeks before you start seeing the results.

Who is Kyle Roof, one of the creators of Page Optimizer Pro?

Kyle Roof is an SEO who is most well known for ranking to no.1 position “Rhinoplasty Plano” keyword using a website written entirely in Latin (Lorem Ipsum).

This page outranked pages that were written in English. He did this mainly following the tips from his Page Optimizer Pro tool and a few web 2.0 backlinks.

It put to bed the idea that Google reads everything that you write. If that is the case how would a page written in Latin outrank pages written in English?

Rhinoplasty is a cosmetic surgery procedure and Plano is a city in Texas.

Kyle Roof was the Lead Tester for the SEO Intelligence Agency, overseeing over 300 single variable tests in Google algorithm.

It is by using the results of these tests that Kyle came up with Page Optimizer Pro. A tool that they used to rank rhinoplasty Plano.

Through these 300 tests, Kyle and his team have been able to understand how the Google algorithm works and how it evaluates pages.

It is through this knowledge that they knew that they could rank a page written in nonsense words in Google.

The Page Optimizer Pro is the result of these 300 tests on Google’s algorithm.

How PageOptimizer Pro Works?

Input a keyword. The first step is to input the keyword you want to rank for.

Insert the URL of the page you want to rank. Secondly, you input your page’s URL. This is the page that you have written to target this keyword. If you haven’t yet written the page you will tick a box indicating that you don’t have a page.

Pick up to 10 competitor page URLs. At this stage, the tool will provide you with the pages ranking on Google 1st page. You can then pick the pages that match your page. I usually get rid of pages like forum pages etc as mine is a blog, not a forum. I am therefore not competing with forum pages.

Get PageOptimizer Pro Recommendation report. The tool will then provide you with the recommendations that you need to focus on to improve your page or to write a fresh post if you have none.

The recommendation page will provide you with tips on the exact placement on your page for:

  • Keywords
  • Keyword variation
  • LSI terms
  • Word count range
  • Recommended header tag usage
  • The best schema to use
  • The best page structure for a new page.

Below is a video demonstration of this tool.

Page Optimizer Pro Review

Base on my experience and the experience of others I recommend that you try this tool.

Firstly, there is no better way to rank in Google than by giving Google what it wants.

Page Optimizer does this perfectly by analyzing the top-ranking pages.

It then provides you with exactly what you need to do to outrank those pages. There is no point in giving Google what it does not want.

Knowing exactly how your page should be structured gives you a head start before you start the off-page SEO.

I especially like its scoring system as well where it gives you the page score in relation to the top-ranking pages.

You can then edit your article within the tool itself.

To help in the editing process there are signals, red, orange and green, that change as you improve your article.

Here you are aiming at getting green. Once you are done with your changes you can then use the edited to change your posted article.

Secondly Page Optimizer Pro is very easy to use and simple. The first time I used it I did not have any problems whatsoever in running my reports.

I am still making changes suggested by this tool to my posts. Most of them are in the above 75 out 100 in their scores so I don’t have much to do.

Another thing that I like about this tool is that compared to other tools it is very affordable if you go the monthly route.

However, if you don’t want to go the monthly route you can decide to buy credits when you need them.

For example, you can decide to buy 10 units for $10.

I hope this tool has given enough information to decide but I can, without doubt, recommend this tool for anyone wanting to get ahead of the competition.

>Try this tool for free here<

What PageOptimizer Pro Doesn’t Do?

As already pointed out in the previous paragraphs, Page Optimizer is pro is only for improving the structure of your pages. You cannot use it for keyword research and other SEO activities.

Optimizing your pages can only go so far, you still need to get other things in order too. For example if you are competing for a very competitive keyword then you may have to consider getting more backlinks to your page.

Using PageOptimizer will help you create a page that Google likes and in so doing your backlink strategy will be even more productive. Because let’s face facts here if your on-page optimization is all over the place no amount of backlinks will help you to rank higher.

I should however point out that it is possible to rank low competition keywords just using Page Optimizer Pro. I have pages that are ranking well without me creating any backlinks for them.

For low competition keywords all you need is to create a page that Google likes. If Google likes pages that are positive in their message then do that by using the suggestions from this tool.

Or if all the top pages have lists then you too need to have lists. You cannot create a page that differs from what Google wants. I know in the future things may change but nowadays it looks like Google prefers certain page structures for some search terms.

There is no point in being too clever when it comes to Google. Give Google what it wants and it will reward you. Don’t give it what you think it wants. And tools like Page Optimizer pro come in handy to help you in creating such kind of pages.

I am also happy that the creators are also monitoring how Google algorithm is changing and adjusting their tool accordingly. Last week I just saw that they had changed their page analysis to take into account recent algorithm changes.

You therefore cannot go wrong if you use these tools as they always have your back. It is a tough world out there and working without tools like these can be a great disadvantage. All the major players in blogging are using one page optimizing too or another and if you are not you will be left behind.

I know that it is possible to do this manually but it will take you too much time that you can use to create even more content. It only takes a few minutes to run a tool and you will have your results in that time frame.

However, if you decide to do it manually it can take you an hour or more and you will definitely miss some things that a tool cannot miss.

Page Optimizer Pro Chrome Extension

One of the major improvements to this tool has been the addition of a Pageoptimizerpro chrome extension. This has made my life and the life of other bloggers much better as we can now do the editing in our preferred content editors.

The content editors that work with this extension include, Elementor, Oxygen, Thrive Architect, Beaver Builder, Gutenberg, Wix, Shopify, Squarespace, Magento, and Google Docs.

Because of this extension, we can now get our POP Recommendations directly in your editor of choice. Now I do not have to go back to my account to refresh as I can do all that in this extension.

One can also use this extension to crawl any competitor page, anytime. Which is really a cool thing when you think about it.

Below is a video showing how to use this chrome extension.

Page Optimizer Pro Chrome Extension

Content Writers : The Secret Key

In the past, if you hired someone to optimize your page or posts using the Page Optimizer Pro you had to give them access to your account. Alternatively, you could give them the reports and they would work without being a live update of what they are doing.

Now with the coming of the Chrome extension, you no longer have to do that as you only need to give them a unique secret key. And with that key, they can begin to work using this extension. You now no longer need to share your account with strangers.

And the cool thing about this extension is you can make live updates and check them against the extension. In the past, you had to go to the POP Dashboard to rerun your reports.

How To Install the PageOptimizer Pro Chrome Extension

To install the the Page Optimizer Pro Extension you need to download it on this link. Once you install it you will have to restart your Chrome browser for it to work.

One thing that you need to be aware of is that the extension may not work if your Chrome settings block third party cookies. I discovered this when I installed mine and it was not working.

I had to call POPs technicians to help me out and that is when I learned that your Chrome settings should not be blocking cookies for it to work.

Page Optimizer Pro Chrome Extension
Page Optimizer Pro Chrome Extension.

The extension has two purposes.

  • It helps in improving the speed of processing by syncing with your POP account. And because it is running from your location it can help in getting more accurate location results as it is not seen as a bot by sites that block bots like POP. As a result, whereas running your reports in your Dashboard may miss some sites the extension will include everything.
  • Another purpose is that it helps us to have the recommendation in our preferred content editor and be able to track the progress of our editing as we can refresh this extension to get the status of our work. In this way, you don’t have to go to your Dashboard to refresh the reports.

Because of its ability to crawl pages that have blocking tools for web based tools you can run this tool from the POP Dashboard. To do this you need to select “Current Location” from the location field. In this way you will be able to get more accurate results.

Another thing that you need to be aware of is that if you use this extension, it will use your current Chrome settings and location.

If you are using a VPN or proxy as most young people nowadays then you need to specify Google Search Engine country in the settings are in the extension. In that way, you will get the relevant competitors for your reports.

There are two ways to get your extension to access your PageRun reports:

  • You can use a secret key in your Chrome extension. If you use this key then you don’t need to log in to your POP account dashboard.
  • If you don’t have a “Secret Key” then you will have to be logged in to your POP account in order for the Page Optimizer Pro Chrome Extension to access your already run POP projects.


To finish this Page Optimizer Pro review I would like to say that I have had a wonderful experience using this app. It is not fancy but it does its work very well. I have also tried Surfer SEO which is more slick but I am not yet sold on that one.

May be it is because I have come to admire the Kyle Roof’s tests and what he has achieved in ranking pages with useless ipsom lorem. He has actually doe that more than once. It shows that he really knows how Google operates and you can trust that if the algorithm changes he will be on top of it.

I would rather trust my money in the hands of someone who has shown that he really knows the ins and outs of Google through the tests he has conducted. He does not just work on the basis of what people are saying out there but from actual tests. There is too much information out there that may have no basis in the new field of scientific SEO.

>Try this tool for free here<

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