9 Reasons To Become a Mystery Shopper

In this post, I want to give some reasons to become a Mystery Shopper.

You may not believe but there literally thousands of people in the United States who work as mystery shoppers.

However, it is not a profession for everyone. One needs to have attention for detail and be willing to travel a lot as well in most cases.

There are certain mystery shopper roles that may require that you work from home too.

These include making phone calls to customer service centers to test how they handle customer complaints.

Another quality that you cannot afford not to have is to be believable or in other words a good actor.

reasons to become a mystery shopper

You need to act like any customer when doing this role.

I certainly believe that this is an important role as you help companies provide a good service to their customers.

And in return, you will end up getting products and services for free.

Reasons To Become A Mystery Shopper:

1. A Chance to earn extra cash

While you may not be able to get rich by being a mystery shopper you can make enough extra cash.

According to the job site indeed.com a mystery shopper in the United States makes on average about $16.07 per hour.

If you are doing it on a part-time basis then this is a decent amount that can easily cover most bills if you work a few hours every month.

If you are lucky you can even be able to make enough to cover your monthly rent.

As far as making extra cash is concerned this is probably one of the best ways of making extra cash.

2. Being remunerated for shopping

If you are a shopaholic then this should be a dream job as you will get paid for doing something you enjoy, shopping. You will get all the thrills that come with shopping. And to spice it up you will get reimbursed for the shopping that relates to the assignment at hand.

As a shopaholic, you just have to be mindful that you stick to what you came there for and not be distracted by other things.

Reasons To Become a Mystery Shopper

3. You will learn customer care

The more assignments you do the better you will understand what it takes to work in customer service.

Every assignment will be a learning moment on how to treat customers well. You may even learn how to keep customers.

4. An opportunity for free food

Some of the mystery job assignments involve visiting places where food is served. As part of the assignment, you will be asked to order some food or beverages. And all this is free as you will get reimbursed for it.

5. Having fun while working

One of the exciting tasks you may be asked to perform is visiting places of entertainment.

While there you will engage in all the fun activities while making your observations.

There are few jobs where you combine entertainment and work and this one can be one of them sometimes.

6. Easy to find and apply

Most of the mystery jobs are easy to find and the application and interview process is all online.

You, therefore, don’t have to visit a brick and mortar office with all the stress that comes with that.

As part of the interview process, you will be asked about your hobbies, family, etc so that they can know what type of jobs will fit your situation.

Other tests will test your observation skills.

Some of the reputable mystery shopping agencies include. Tern, GBW.

7. You can improve your acting skills

As part of your mystery shopping assignment, you make be asked to act like an angry customer, etc.

This is, therefore, an opportunity to work on your acting skills as you have to be believable.

You may struggle in the early days but over time you will become another “Holywood actor”.

8. Flexible hours

If you are a parent and are struggling to juggle work and parenting then mystery shopping is for you.

As a mystery shopper, you decide what assignment you want to accept.

You can therefore only pick assignments that meet your needs.

This will make it possible for you to control when to go to work.

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9. An opportunity for consumer advocacy

Mystery shopping offers an opportunity for ordinary people to influence some changes in the way consumers are treated.

Through your reports organizations can improve services for their customers and consumers.

It is an opportunity to see improvements in things like customer parking, toilets, etc.