How To Find Writers For Your Blog

For any blog to grow, there is a need to create more content. The challenge however is how to find writers for your blog that will produce the kind of content that you want.

This is something I have struggled with throughout the period I have blogging. It has not been easy to find good writers who do not just rewrite content from other blogs.

Today I would like to help you out by providing you with sites and ways to find excellent content writers that will meet your needs and those of Google.

At the end of the day, we all need to be in good books of Google so that we can get the traffic that we need.

However, to profit from that traffic you also need to write content that your visitors will like. Content that will address their needs. It is a tough balancing act but it must be done.

How To Find Writers For Your Blog

How To Find Writers For Your Blog


One of the sites that I have used before is Here you will find all sorts of blog writers with varying experiences and from all over the world.

Since the writers are from all over the world you need to seriously consider their English proficiency. You don’t want to pay for an article that will be full of grammatical mistakes.

If therefore for example your target audience is from America, you may be better off recruiting an English native speaker from the United States.

If you manage to recruit from the US you will be able to get an article that incorporates the nuances of American English.

I should however also add that you can also find quality content creators from other countries too.

All you need is to read the reviews from other customers to find out whether they are satisfied or not.

Further, you can ask for copies of previous work from them. From this, you can assess whether they are comfortable in the Queen’s language.

Once you find a writer whether from America or not, you need to provide them with clear guidance on what you expect. At a minimum provide the subheading for your article.

2. Jobs

Another site worth considering when hiring writers for your blog is Jobs.

Darren Rowse is the owner of ProBlogger and is one of the first people that showed me the potential benefits of blogging.

He was one of the first bloggers to make serious money blogging. Actually he was the first full-time blogger that I knew back then.

On his blog, there is advice on how to write blog posts and other advice for you and the writers you can hire. Any serious blogger needs to seriously consider

On Jobs you can hire writers in three ways. You can hire them on a contract, freelance, full time, or part-time.

The difference between jobs and SEOClerk is that on it is you who will advertise to hire writers. In your advert you will have to specify what you need from the writers.

Below is an example of someone looking for a blog writer.

SEOCLERK. How to find writers for your blog

On this site expect to pay at least $50 even for a a 500-800 word article. It is however money well spent as the quality of writers on this job board is very high.

These are articles that will bring you traffic over time that will earn you money that will far exceed the $50 or so that you are paying the writer. All quality things are pricey nowadays.

Otherwise, if you want to pay less then you can head to Fiverr. You however need to be prepared to find problems in finding quality writers on Fiverr.

3. iWriter

This is another quality site where you can find content writers for your posts. The writers on iWriter are graded based on previous work and feedback.

The three levels of writers are basic, premium, and Elite.

At the very top are elite writers who have shown through previous work that they are the best. Just behind them ar the premium writers.

When you make your request for an article to be written you will click three options, Basic, under this one all writers will see your article and can pick it regardless of level.

Above Basic is Premium where only 4.1 to 5-star writers will see your request. As for the elite, only 4.6 to 5-star writers will see your request.

The writers are in a pool, meaning that if you submit 10 requests each request can be picked up by different writers.

This means that you could have all ten articles finalized the same day. If you want your articles to be written by premium or elite writers you can specify that in your request.

If you do that then your request will only be picked up by elite writers ensuring excellent quality for your job. The site also allows the requesters to decline any article that is substandard.

Another plus for iWriter is that all articles have to pass through Copyscape. This ensures that the articles are all unique.

Which is not the case on other sites that I have used.

4. Fiverr

Another site where you can hire writers is Fiverr. There are actually a number of writers on Fiverr. Some are good writers but the majority are not.

You, therefore, have to analyze the gigs properly focussing on the comments section. The comments section can give you an indication of whether the customers are happy or not.

The main problem I have found with Fiverr content writers is that most of them are not native speakers of English. This is not a problem if the speaker is well-grounded in English but that is not the case on Fiverr in most cases.

To escape from this I would advise that you first consider native speakers before considering the non-native speakers.

This is because even if the non native speaker is fluent in English they may not be conversant with Amercian English and its nuances.

7. Craigslist

Craigslist is another site that has its own issues that it needs to sort out but you can find writers there too.

Craigslist is now a platform that has been infiltrated by scammers. I have a post where I talk bout Craigslist rental scams.

Because of this, you need to keep your eyes open and confirm the identity of the writers.

To get writers on Craigslist you will need to post your ad in the writing section and wait for potential writers to contact you.

After you find these writers it is important that you review their past work first. All you can let them write one article and decide based on the quality of the output whether to continue using them or not.

8. Warrior Forum – Warriors For Hire

Warrior Forum is one of the oldest forums for internet marketers. On this forum, you can hire some members to write blog posts for you. You can find writers in the Warrior For Hire section.

It is the right place to find writers who are experienced and know how to write Google-friendly content.

As already pointed out earlier you first need to test the waters before making a big order. I would advise that you first make an order for one or two articles and make up your mind based on the quality of the finished work.

If you find a good writer then hold on to him as it is hard to find good writers nowadays.

Another way you can help these writers is to give them clear instructions on what you want in the article you are ordering.

If you have subheadings give them to him. If you want a bit of humor then that should be in your instructions.

And if for some reason you have done some research already then provide the writer with all that. In this way, you will ensure that you get some really quality posts.

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Another goldmine that is rarely used but has some quality writers is Linkedin. Compared to Fiverr you are more likely to find quality writers on Linkedin than on Fiverr.

On Fiverr, it is not easy to find quality writers. Whereas on Linkedin it is much easier if you know where to look.

One of the ways you can use to find writers is to join a relevant Linkedin Group. If you are an internet marketer then you can join an internet marketing Group.

Whatever niche you are involved in you are bound to find a relevant group for it. Once you join you can link up with members who are offering this writing service. Alternatively, you can post a message asking for writers to contact you.

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I hope you have picked something from this post on how to find writers for your blog. At the end of the day, it is you who is supposed to control the whole process.

You, therefore, need to make sure that you know exactly what you want from these writers. Then you need to explain in detail what you expect of them.

If you have already done any research then present the results to your writer. And in some cases, you need to provide all the subheadings that you want in your article.

You can also specify the style that you want. Whether it will be conversational or formal or whatever form you want it to be must be clearly communicated to the writer.