Inexpensive Date Ideas That You Will Enjoy

Still paying off the bills and struggling financially? If that’s the case, then you aren’t looking forward to yet another special date with your loved one that will require you to dig deeply into your checking account. But don’t forget that dates such as those on Valentine’s Day are about spreading love, not money, which really means that you need not break the bank when lavishing affection on your honey bunny. In this post we will share those inexpensive date ideas that you have been longing for.

5 Inexpensive Date Ideas for Special Days Such as Valentine’s day or any Other Day

Here are a few ideas on how to keep special days such as Valentine’s Day special and inexpensive at the same time:

1. Night at the movies

Even though movie ticket prices are through the roof these days, taking in a movie together is still less cost prohibitive than a two-hundred-dollar dinner at French restaurant. It doesn’t have to be a romantic comedy either. Compare notes: what are you both dying to see? Compromise, then share a big greasy bucket of popcorn and an oversized soda. Hold hands and giggle about how the popcorn butter product makes your fingers slippery. (A scary movie will make sure that you stay close!)

Flamingo valentine: Find inexpensive date ideas for Valentine's day

2. Home videos.

Or take the same idea, only do it at home instead. Pop up a batch of popcorn and turn on the Netflix or rent a dollar movie from Redbox. Deciding on the kind of movie you want to see together can be fun and romantic at the same time. Include a few Valentine’s themed treats with the popcorn like chocolate covered cherries or candy hearts.

3. Dinner at home.

A fancy restaurant would be fun but a little more expensive than you may be able to afford right now. Planning the same elegant dinner at home saves you a few bucks without sacrificing any appearance of extravagance. Plan the menu together or surprise your partner with their favorite meal and a good bottle of wine or champagne. Dress up so it feels more like a date. And don’t forget the candlelight and soft music playing on your iPod in the background.

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4. Sensual massage.

Purchase some inexpensive botanical oil and practice giving each other massages. You can create a sensual atmosphere with flickering scented candles and incense and with soft, sexy music playing in the background. Enjoy a long, hot shower or bath together to relax and let all that workaday tension melt away.

5. Road trip.

Check out websites that offer an inexpensive car hire so you can swoop in and take your sweetie on a surprise weekend or overnight adventure. Spend the night in a hotel or a quaint little bed and breakfast. Try out a city or part of your area that neither of you know much about – the romantic nature of your road trip will increase as you both embrace the adventurous spirit of the holiday. You can make the trip even more special if you pack your own Valentine’s dinner, complete with bottle of wine and heart-shaped box of chocolates. Spend the early part of the evening reading romantic poetry to each other or telling your partner what you love most about them. Reminisce about your first date and when you knew you were in love!