Crazy Ways to Save Money

There are a million tried and true proven ways to save money. Many of them involve owning our personal debts and taking steps to search out every available opportunity to save money on goods and services. This site is devoted to ideas and tips which will help you responsibly save money. What about the ones that didn’t make the cut? What about the ways to save which are too crazy or too extreme to have made the cut? Even though many of these suggestions are not recommended, this post is dedicated to the crazy ways to save money.

crazy ways to save money

Stiff Your Friends

When the bill comes and you’re within a group of friends, pretend that you didn’t bring your billfold or wallet with you. Your friends will probably grumble at you as they pay your tab, but they’re more than likely to forgive you. This is something that should be tried only once in a while when you’re really needing to save the dough, because you will have to pay in social capital.

Take one-minute showers

Want to save water? See how short you can make your morning shower. While you probably have more than enough hot water, you can save a few bucks on the bill by shortening your shower to a minute or two. In fact, one way that you can facilitate this is by pre-lathering your hair while it’s dry before you jump into the shower. You have to make the determination about whether the couple bucks that you save are worth it.

Scour Parking Lots

People are constantly dropping change in parking lots. A few cents might drop out of a pocket. A purse might fall and coins run underneath the car. These coins have your name written all over them. You can, in fact, make a full time job out of scouring mall parking lots for loose change. Your best time will be after the stores are closed and before the sweepers hit the lot.

Kill Your Breakers

Instead of waiting for the power company to turn off your power, kill all of the breakers except for the one to the refrigerator. Certainly, you have plenty of candles around the house specifically for when the power goes out by natural causes. This will teach the value of reading, and let you know how prepared you are in the event of an actual emergency. Depending on your normal usage, this will save around $20.

Don’t Buy Condiments

Instead, fast food places are wonderful sources for all of your condiments. Gas stations are great for this as well, since many are now offering hot dogs and other convenience foods to their customers. You’ll be stuck with whatever brands these places have chosen, though the money that you’re saving will more than make up for that.

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None of these crazy tips are suggested for casual use, but they can be employed every once in a while to save a couple of dollars. Your friends probably do not want to be considered your sole support system, nor do you want to live in candlelight very often. Crazy or no, they still save money.