How To Find Free Furniture Near Me – 10 Ideas

A few years ago a neighbor offered us his furniture for free. It was still in good condition and the only reason he was giving it away was that he had just bought new furniture.

In fact in the compound, I was in which had a number of flats it was not uncommon for people to offer their furniture for free.

In my mind that was the only way to find free furniture.

It was, therefore, a surprise when I learned that nowadays you can offer your furniture for free online too. There are actually apps that can help you find furniture for free.

Which is really cool when you are just starting out as you can get some quality used furniture.

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How To Find Free Furniture Near Me - 10 Ideas

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Places To Get Free Furniture Near You

Below are some places where you can get free furniture near you.

1. Facebook Groups

Most people use Facebook to connect with friends and family. But did you know that you can get free furniture from some Facebook groups?

There are groups that are specifically created for people to dispose of their goods for free. One such group for the New York area is Free Stuff NY.

In Facebook groups such as Free Stuff NY, a member who wants to dispose of his goods will create a post inviting people who are interested to contact them.

In the case of Free Stuff New York, the purpose of the group is to inform the NYC community about items that are to be given out at no cost.

In that way they do not have to just throw away stuff.

I wish everybody would do that than resorting to the trash heap. Most local authorities are struggling to process all this trash that we throw away.

How To Find Free Furniture Near Me

2. College Campuses on Move-out day

If you are interested in acquiring cool stuff at give away prices or for free then college campuses moving out days are simply the best days.

I remember seeing a student offering a very expensive laptop for peanuts. This was because he was graduating and wanted some money for a vacation.

There are also some students that have furniture that they need to get rid of free. You can get all this information on notice boards in the school.

In some cases you can find furniture strewn around the campus itself.

You, therefore, need to get the closing dates for colleges in your area and pay them a visit and you will not be disappointed.

3. Craigslist

Despite the fact that Craigslist has its own rental and other scams, it is still a good place to find free furniture.

Craigslist is not just a place for people to sell their stuff you can also search for free stuff.

There are people who go to Craigslist when they want to get rid of their furniture for free. So pay Craigslist a visit and see what people are offering for free.

Below is what I found on New York Craiglist Free Section.

Craigslist free furniture

4. The Freecycle Network

Another cool place to find free furniture is The Freecycle Network. This is a website that was created for people passionate about reuse and who do not want to have usable stuff in landfills.

On this website, you will find people who are giving stuff for free in your town and area.

At the moment it is made up of over five thousand groups with close to nine million members around the world.

5. Preloved (UK)

If you live in the United Kingdom, then another free classified ads site where you can find furniture for free is preloved.

You just need to click the Freeloved section of this site where you will find hundreds of free items including free furniture.

6. Gumtree (UK)

If you live in the United Kingdom you are probably aware of Gumtree. Gumtree is a site for free classified ads where you can buy and sell all sorts of items. Besides the stuff for sale, you can also get free stuff like furniture.

Today I was just checking out the freebies on Gumtree and I found the sofa below that someone is offering for free.

Free sofa on Gumtree

>Click here to visit Gumtree<

7. Free Furniture Through Nextdoor App

Then we have an app called Nextdoor where you can also find free furniture.

Nextdoor acts as a hub for people in various neighborhoods to connect and exchange helpful information, goods, and services.

On this app, people can share issues like crime problems in their area, garage sales, and free stuff that they are disposing of.

To protect each online neighborhood, the owners require that you verify your address and use your real name.

In this case, only people within your neighborhood will join.

8. Letgo App

Letgo is another app that acts as a place where people can buy and sell used stuff in the United States. But you can also find free stuff as well.

Among the items that are bought and sold or offered for free on this site include, furniture, movies, real estate.

Letgo is completely free to use. As such you don’t have to worry about paying anything to contact those offering their items.

9. Salvation Army vouchers

I think most of you know the Salvation Army. It is one of the most active Christian churches when it comes to assisting low-income families and the needy.

If your family is low-income or you are needy and you need furniture you can contact the Salvation Army for a free furniture voucher.

You can either go to one of their offices or shops.

They have a wide collection of furniture in their stores in Europe and America.

So all you need after getting this voucher is to visit one of these shops and redeem furniture with your voucher.

10. Curbside

As indicated earlier sometimes you don’t have to go far to find free furniture. You can find it within your neighborhood or on curbsides.

You will be pleasantly surprised at the quality of the furniture you can get.

People are buying new furniture all the time and are more than willing to discard their old furniture even if is still in good condition.

You can therefore “rescue” these pieces of furniture before they go to the landfill.