Best Money Making Apps that really work In 2020

According to eMarketer US adults spend at least 3 hours per day on their phones. It, therefore, makes good economic sense to use that time to make a little bit of cash using some of the best money making apps available.

These apps include apps that can earn you money when you do online purchases.

Apps that help you make money when you share your opinions on products, services, politics, etc.

There are even apps that help you get cashback when you do your everyday purchases.

If you are into movies there are apps that pay you to review some movie trailers. Others will pay you to play games.

I would submit that that is the best way to use your phone and subsidize the cost of your phone.

Below are some of the best money making apps.

best money making apps that work
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7 Best Money Making Apps

Ibotta apps that gives you money

Ibotta is one of the most popular apps for getting cashback on your everyday purchases from retailers like Walmart, Target, etc. All you need is to take a picture of the receipts and upload them into the app.

Besides the cashback, you will also get offers for thousands of products. To get the offers you will have to link your store loyalty cards to your app.

They are constantly adding new offers and retailers.

Another benefit of using the Ibotta app is that you earn cash when you refer friends to use Ibotta. All you need is to send them your referral code from the app.

The cashback you earn from your purchases can be withdrawn to PayPal, Venmo or gift cards such as Amazon Gift cards.

>You can download the Ibotta app here<

Earning money with Swagbucks app

Another app that can help you make money is the Swagbucks app which is available for android and iOS phones.

To sweeten everything you actually get a $10 sign-up bonus.

On this app you accrue points by taking surveys, watching videos, shopping and even playing games.

You can then redeem these points when they reach the threshold with cash or gift cards.

The current threshold is 2500 points worth $25.

The surveys usually last 5-25 minutes a survey. So you can easily do one or two during your lunchtime or when traveling.

>You can join Swagbucks here<

Use Slidejoy apps to make money

With Slidejoy you earn by allowing Slidejoy to show you ads on your phone’s lock screen.

The ads are in the form of news or normal ads.

When you pick up your phone you have two options, either swipe to the left to learn more, swipe up for more ads, or you can swipe right to go to your home screen.

Whatever you do you will still earn something.

This is, therefore, a good app for anyone with an android phone. You will earn something every time you unlock your phone.

Best money making app

For those that want to earn more money then you can do surveys through this app.

I honestly cannot see any reason why all android phones users should not take advantage of this app and make a little money for just unlocking your phone. It is a no brainer.

You should, however, note that the first payment after sign up is after 3 months of use. Thereafter you you can cash out on a monthly basis. The cash-out fee is 20%.

>Click here to join Slidejoy<

Earn cash with Foap app for your photos

If you love to take pictures and videos that you can share with the world then the Foap app is for you.

With this app, all you need is to upload your photos and videos to this app market place.

Once your pictures or videos get purchased by anyone you will share the proceeds 50/50 with Foap.

That means if someone buys your picture for $4 then you will get $2 and the other $2 will go to Foap.

Your photos will always be available for purchase so you can sell it many times.

I, therefore, recommend this app to anyone who loves photography.

Instead of just sharing your photos on social media you can now also earn some money for them.

>You can join Foap here<

Acorns app for investors

If you like investing your money then this app is for you.

It does this by rounding up your purchases to the next dollar and adding them to your Acorns account.

The rounding up is on purchases done using a debit card that you link to your Acorns account.

Your change is then invested by Acorn through their partner, Vanguard and BlackRock.

In addition to the roundups, you deposit some money into your account at any time.

Your money is invested in six Exchange Traded Funds which covers over 7000 stocks.

Acorns also has another feature where you get a discount when you shop at certain retailers.

These discounts are then deposited into your Acorns account.

>You can join Acorns here<

Robinhood that helps you earn money by investing

Robinhood is another app that can make you money but only after you start investing.

However, instead of investing in funds that have several kinds of stocks, it invests your money in individual stocks.

With this app, you have the chance of investing in the US and global stocks such as Amazon, Apple and Without without having to pay a fee.

Investing in individual increases your risk but with high risk also comes potentially higher returns.

While with apps like Acorns you almost do nothing, in this case of Robinhood you have to be involved as you need to pick the stocks.

>You can join Robinhood here<

Shopkick app to help shoppers make money

Another shopping app that can help you make money is Shopkick.

I, however, have to point out that their payment is not in cash but in gift cards.

There are a few activities that can do to make money with Shopkick.

You will earn some points by doing any of the following activities.

  • you can go to a shop and just scan selected products. Here you don’t have to buy anything to earn your points.
  • Secondly, you can purchase items at an eligible shop with a card linked to your Shopkick app.
  • Thirdly you can purchase items and take pictures of your receipts that you upload into your app.
  • Fourth you can visit online shops and just view products without buying anything.
  • You can also watch in-app videos to earn points.

Then once you earn enough points you can redeem them with a gift card.

The gift cards available include, Target, Amazon, Starbucks, and Groupon.

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I hope the above apps have made you realize the money that you are leaving on the table by not using these apps to make money.

I intend to update this list of the best money making apps so that we can all benefit from our phones.